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Bay Area Mold Lawyers

We Receive Over 1,000 Tenant Inquires a Year. Experience Counts When You Care About One Thing Above All Else: Results.
"I've heard you're the best, and I want the best." - Johnathan L. (Tenant)
"You have to be one of the most honest and sincerest attorneys I have met." - S.R.
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What We Do:

We help tenants with mold issues in their rental units.  Sometimes that means we sue a landlord, and sometimes the matter can be handled outside of Court with a demand letter.  Very few firms have our experience or knowledge in mold litigation.  Contact us today to find out if we can help you.

What Makes Mold Lawsuits Different?

  • Mold lawsuits are complex because they typically involve issues of both habitability and personal injuries.  Some lawyers are solely habitability lawyers and others are solely personal injury lawyers.

  • What type of claims to make? The wrong wording in your lawsuit can cost you - experienced mold lawyers know the proper language to use in order to maximize your recovery.

  • What type of evidence do you need? Do you have pictures or air sampling? When does air sampling help your case or hurt your case?

  • Where is your lawyer based? We've seen multiple law firms from outside of the Bay Area open a "storefront" office here.  Each City and County in the Bay Area is unique and some have special laws that protect tenants and offer additional damages based upon your claims.

Why Contact Us?

We're the Lawyers that Other Lawyers Call When they have a Mold Problem.

  • We have a proven track record of successfully suing landlords of any size. We file multiple lawsuits a month and have obtained multiple recoveries for tenants in excess of $250,000 for mold issues.  

  • Our backgrounds are unique and unmatched: from working inside the Courthouse, to working on both sides of these cases, our lawyers bring a perspective to habitability lawsuits that few other firms can. This area of law is highly specialized and requires in-depth knowledge of various state and local laws.

  • Some lawyers are primarily personal injury lawyers or habitability lawyers who also handle mold cases.  We're the opposite (and we think there's a difference) - we're primarily mold lawyers who handle habitability and personal injury matters. 

  • Does your lawyer understand the differences between different types of testing (for example: air testing, ERMI, or bulk testing) - and how to interpret those results; the different species of mold; and have the knowledge to know which experts to hire (for example, how a pulmonologist or allergist can help your case)?  Again - we think there's a difference between a lawyer who "also handles mold cases" - and a lawyer who is primarily a mold lawyer.

  • We are honest, ethical, and won't tell you what you want to hear just to sign you up.

  • We offer free initial consultations and take most cases on a contingency basis (which means we front all costs and do not get paid unless you receive a monetary recovery).

What We're Likely to Ask You
(this will help streamline our inquiry)

  • Have you already complained to your landlord about the mold issues? (Landlords generally aren't liable for issues they don't know about.)

  • Has any air sampling of the mold been done? This can give insight into the levels and types of mold that are in your home.

  • Have you documented your complaints in writing? (It's no surprise that landlords tend to "forget" about complaints that you've made if you don't have proof.)

  • Have you contacted your local Department of Building Inspection and have they issued a Notice of Violation? (This isn't required for a lawsuit, but if the issues are bad enough and the landlord has ignored you, it's usually helpful. We can explain this and walk you through the process of doing so.)

  • Do you have any pictures or other documentation you can send us regarding the issues? (You can always email them to us at

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