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40,000 People Are Hospitalized Every Year for a burn us immediately for a free consultation

Most Personal Injury Law Firms Try to do it All (Jack of All Trades, Master of None): Brain Injuries, Dog Bites, Slip & Falls...We Focus on just One Type...Traumatic Burn Injuries.

On Labor Day 2020, my family's lives were changed forever.  Our 4-year old daughter was involved in a traumatic burn incident.  She was rushed to the ER then transported to a specialized burn unit.  She spent 27 days in ICU, endured multiple surgeries and skin grafts, and has decades of healing ahead of her.

When I tell my clients and their families that I understand what they're going through, it's because I've lived it.  Dressing changes, compression garments, scarring, itching, mental trauma, physical and emotional therapy...I get it.

Talk to a Lawyer Who Truly Understands What You're Going Through...And Find Out Why We're Different.

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